Art As You Go - California Road Trip 2011


ART AS YOU GO presents:

California Road Trip 2011


General description:

ART AS YOU GO is an itinerant performing art exhibition which aim is to promote the Spanish culture and create artistic interactions between Europe (particularly Barcelona, Spain) and California.

Alicia Murcia will display a selection of her artwork attached to her clothes, as a "live" exhibition while she travels all over California and other states (Nevada, Utah and Arizona) during August 2011.

Besides, real size cardboard cut-out figures will be created "as she goes". These figures (resembling men and women) will be decorated with a collage of small pieces of leaflets collected during the trip, assembled as a mosaic. Real size faces will be created with the same technique, and the stenciled portrait of different celebrities will be painted over it. Then, the stencil portraits created will be attached to the body. These real-size figures will used for very brief, spontaneous and fun performing exhibitions (every time an occasion presents itself) during the trip.



- To promote collaborative art and explore innovative ways of artistic expression. The exhibition intends to create a dialogue between the artist and the audience around creative ways to enjoy art. 



-To make artistic contacts and set up a network of artists to promote the non-profit exchange of exhibiting spaces/studios for short and middle term exhibitions. Through this network, artists may have the possibility to perform exhibitions in a friendly and collaborative environment while they travel to other cities.





Art and you go can be interpreted in different ways. I see it myself as taking the art of the streets, packing it with you wherever you go in order to share it if the occasion presents itself. Not to wait for those unforgettable and exciting moments to happen…create them yourself!”- Alicia Murcia


According to Ortega y Gasset, this event can be understood as “a way to free ourselves from that dictatorship that is culture within our modern society, and “make culture” through the spontaneous expression of people, instead of reproducing systematically pre-established models…”- Ortega y Gasset


Presentation of the project ART AS YOU GO:

This is event is organized by the artist Alicia Murcia, painter resident in Barcelona. She proposes this performing art exhibition in California, during her fore-coming trip in August 2011.





Watch this space for more details and updates!


Alicia Murcia



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