"Creativity takes courage" - Henri Matisse



My name is Alicia Murcia. I am mother of a beautiful babygirl, the source of my artistic inspiration since she was born.


Art As You Go represents the concept of art as something in constant movement, always reinventing itself. Creativity, freshness and innovation are key elements of this artistic proposal.

Maternity, breastfeeding and babywearing have been my main subjects since the birth of my daughter. You can see them in the section "Artworks by topic > Babies".


My favourite technique is the 1 LINE DRAWING, made with a single and continuous line. Watercolors are added after, bringing intensity and depth. You can read more about it below.


Moreover, my earlier artworks can also be found in this website: FLAMENCO, SENSUALITY, PORTRAITS, GASTRONOMY, NEW YORK and MUSIC among others. These are represented in different painting styles, ranging between a typically realistic approach to my 1 Line Drawings.






Art As You Go - 1 line drawings

The 1 continuous line drawing is a very innovative, experimental and difficult to execute technique, where the chosen tool (either a marker or a brush) creates an image with a single trace. The drawing tool is not lifted at all until the picture is completed. The technical challenge is remarkable, as the artist’s hand is on the visual area for most of the execution time. Alicia Murcia uses her intuition to “let herself go” into a unique, powerful and meaningful brushstroke. The result is very fresh, dynamic, unpredictable, .. and lots of fun!



Alicia Murcia, art curriculum


Born in 1976, Murcia, Spain.

Lived and worked in Cambridge (England) for 6 years. Currently lives in Huningue, France.


Solo exhibitions (selection):

- April 2011 to date: Flamenco venue “El Sandalo”, in Poble Nou, Barcelona.

- March – April 2011: Vall d´Hebron Hospital, at Reception in the Materno-Infantil building.

- January – February 2011: Vall d´Hebron Hospital, in the Teaching Wing.  

- November 15, 2010- January 10, 2011: Plaza Diamant, Barcelona.

- October 7-18, 2010: Taller Ulls Blaus, Poble Nou, Barcelona.

- July 8 – September 8, 2010: Cultural Centre Collblanc-La Torrasa, L´Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.

- June 4-20, 2010: Cultural Centre Claveles, oficial venue of Federation of Andalucian Associations in L´Hospitalet (FECEAL'H), L´Hospitalet de Llobregat.

- May 3-15, 2010: Civic Centre Casa Groga, Av. Jordà 27, Barcelona.

- April and May 2010: Club “El Caliu”, Torrent d´Olla 38-40, Gràcia, Barcelona.

- February 2008: Cultural Centre Collblanc-La Torrasa, L´Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.

- April-July 2008: Restaurant specialized in Flamenco performances “La Costa Dorada”, London, UK.

- June 2008: Student Union Oficial Building, Cambridge, UK.

- May 2008: Newhall College, Cambridge, UK.

- October 2007: Downing College, Cambridge, UK.

- March 2007: Downing College, Cambridge, UK.



Collective exhibitions (selection):

- May 28, 2011: Participation in a Walking Gallery event, in collaboration with the Swab (International Art Fair in Barcelona), Swab Art Fair, Pabellón 2, Fira de Montjuic, Barcelona.

- May 2011: Participation in the event “Art amb Gracia”, consisting of doing live painting  over 7 hours in the streets (plus 2 weeks art exhibition in the balconies of the streets), organized by the Art Gallery Paspartú, Gràcia, Barcelona.

- June 2011: Centro cultural Collblanc-La Torrasa, L´Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.

- April – June 2011: Panadería en Sants, Barcelona.

- May 2011: Street walk with the Walking Gallery, in collaboration with “The Night of the Museums, Barcelona´s 2011 Edition” of the international event “The Night of the Museums”, run in many countries in the world.

- April 2011: Art Gallery Paspartu, Gràcia, Barcelona.

- March 2011: Untitled BCN Art Gallery, Gràcia, Barcelona.

- October 23, 2010: Exposición con Colectivo DIP (Día Internacional de la Pintura) en la calle, Born, Barcelona.

- October 23, 2010: Galería REC03-Colectivo DIP (Día Internacional de la Pintura), Barcelona.

- October 18 – November 2, 2010: ESPAI 210-Colectivo DIP (Día Internacional de la Pintura), Barcelona.

- October 10, 2010: Walking Gallery, Barcelona.

- July 24, 2010: Walking Gallery, Barcelona.

- August 2010: Untitled BCN, Gràcia, Barcelona.

- June 2010: Galería Julia Karp, Gràcia, Barcelona.

- June 2010: Untitled BCN, Gràcia, Barcelona.

- June 2007: Wolfson College, Cambridge, UK.

- March 2007: Selwyn College, Cambridge, UK.



March 2007: 1st and 2nd awards in the Art Competition by Selwyn College, Cambridge, UK.


Artistic education:

2006: Oils and Watercolor course at the Sixth Form College, Cambridge, UK.


Artistic Activities/Art Performances (selection):

May 2011 to date: Preparation of an Art Exhibition in California (USA) for August 2011, together with the development and promotion of an International Art Studio Exchange Program.

December 2010 to date: Performance of “Catwalk Portraits”, an itinerant international exhibition (already performed in different cities in Spain, France, England and Switzerland) by walking in the streets wearing with a custom dress displaying multiple art pieces on it, created by the Italian fashion designer Carmela Rosciano.

2010 to date: Collaboration with the Flamenco Producer Company “flameNco Producciones” for decoration of venues dedicated to Flamenco performances in Barcelona.

2010: Collaboration with the Art Gallery Paspartú to manage the fundraising event "L'Art amb la Marató de TV3", live of TV.

2008: Two interviews for the L´Hospitalet de Llobregat TV and Radio (Barcelona, Spain).

2007: Cover art work of the album “Retrospective” for the band “The Offering”.

2007: Two interviews for the Cambridgeshire Radio (Cambridge, UK).

2006-2008: Fundraising of 1500€ for the charity “SOS Children’s Villages” from the sale of original artwork, prints and hand-made cards of my paintings.


Active member of the following art associations (selection):

Member of the Board of Directors of the association of artists DIP (Día Internacional de la Pintura- International Day of Painting). http://diainternacionaldelapintura.blogspot.com

Member of the art association “Walking Gallery”. http://www.walkinggallery.com

Member of an art collective in the Art Gallery Paspartú (Carrer Verdi 25, Barcelona). www.galeriapaspartu.com



I like drawing and painting with acrylics and watercolor, on canvas and paper. I consider myself a figurative painter, and I love doing portraits, especially of people from the performing arts and Flamenco dancers.

I like using vibrant colors, which directly reflect my passion for painting.  

I am fascinated about the possibility of capturing the human spirit and the individual personalities of people with my dynamic brushstrokes. I am very interested in exploring a broad range of techniques, from realism to sketching, including the captivating simplicity of 1 single line pictures.

I constantly develop my style to further experiment with innovative painting and drawing techniques.


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